The Mullet is F3. F3 is the Mullet.

DATE: 2021-08-06
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Big Short, Booking, CableGuy, Flipper, Jag, Maguire, Maj. Payne, Spokes, Sunshine, Vila FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, cherry pickers, copperhead squats, Michael Phelps, etc. THE THANG:
Part 1: Business in the Front
The PAX completed 2 rounds of a slightly modified Killer B’s workout, staying together throughout. From the goal line Round 1 was: -broad jump 10 yards
-10 burpees
-20 Bonnie Blair’s
-30 big boy sit ups
Repeat to the 20
Repeat to the 30
-bear crawl 30 yds back to the goal line

Round 2 was done with 10 big boys per stop.

Part 2: Party in the back
F3 Ultimate. Usual rules apply. Subbed some American Hammers for LBCs as I remember it.

MARY: Just enough time for some flutter kicks.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: CSAUP coming up – see channel for details. 9/11 stairs coming up.

COT: As completely awesome as they are, it is surprisingly difficult to find an inspirational quote about a mullet. Or even an El Camino. So the COT was simply this: F3 is basically a mullet. You start your day pushing yourself, working hard, all business. It makes you stronger, better prepared for the rest of the day, which will seems like a party in comparison. It just makes you more awesome. Like a mullet.

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