Ruck and Rep Day

DATE: 08-3-2021

AO: #thepatriot

Q: @Maguire

PAX: @WeddingSinger @CableGuy @Spokes @Maguire


WARMUP: SSH, IW, Michael Phelps, Cherry Pickers, WMH, Downward Dog


*Start on goal line. Walk 50 yards with coupon. Do two different exercises of 25 reps each. Then walk to other end line with coupon. Turn around and do the same thing (including the reps at the 50). That is exercise #1. Here are the exercises we did.

#1: Block Merkins, Block Jump Overs

#2: Curls, Coupon Wheezy Jeffersons

#3: Joe Louis, Atlas Press

#4: Lunge, Around the World

#5: Side Straddle Hop, Coupon Bench Press

#6: Mountain Climbers, 5x Block Burpees

Mary – Flutterkicks, Left Lifts over Coupons, LBC, Stretching

COT: We have learned to work from afar through COVID. As life (and the rat race) normalizes, get out, see people. Travel. Work from afar. You will never regret a trip to see a friend or family member.

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