Balance Daniel Son

DATE: 2021-07-27
AO: Loco-Valhalla
Q: Shute
PAX: Brisket, Mutombo, Dial-tone
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Step back and twist, leg pulls, DD, Cobra Kai, Lerkins (Lunge Merkins), track mosey THE THANG: 45 second holds alternating left and right side, 45 seconds each. – Chair with leg extended / Plank one arm one leg
– Royal dancer / Side Plank
– Tree pose / One arm forearm plank
– Warrior pose / Side Plank with leg lifted
– Bound dog / Inner balance (eyes closed)
MARY: We had enough of that with the planks
COT: Everything starts with small choices. You chose to set your alarm last night. You chose to come here this morning. Think about where you want to go and start making the small choices to get there. I want to be closer with God. My small choices are to: pick up my bible and start reading; stop what I’m doing and get on my knees; show up to 3rd F events. Go get ’em fellas! AYE!

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