Better Late Than Never?

DATE: 2021-06-15
AO: General
Q: Traveler
PAX: Lazlo, citrus, Trolley, Toolbox, Maj. Payne, DPR
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH and Moroccan Night Clubs. Coupon carry mosey to the super secret fence jump spot. PAX with coupons should carry overhead, pausing periodically for an exercise an exercise, and to switch coupon-holders. Exercises included squats, merkins, and butt-kickers/high-knees.

Stations: PAX spread out across the goal line for a stations workout. The runner(s) acted as the timer – when they finished the lap, PAX rotated to the next station. Stations included:
Round 1: Sprint around the track (~300m), overhead press (w/ coupons), flutter kicks, burpees, KB swings (w/ coupon). Round 2: Same thing, but sprint was ~200m
Round 3: Same thing, but sprint was ~100m

Dora 1-2-3: PAX pair up. PAX 1 starts working through the exercises, while PAX 2 completes the route (bear crawl 20 yards, sprint 20 yards, back pedal 40 yards). When PAX 2 returns, he picks up the count on the exercises, and PAX 1 completes the route. Exercises: 100 Monkey humpers, 200 Bicycles, 300 Calf raises

MARY: I don’t quite remember, but it was probably blistering. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Remember to post backblasts after the workout.

COT: Walter Ciszek was a Polish-American priest who voluntarily went to a Soviet labor camp to minister to the prisoners there. When asked by a prisoner how he could serve God while he was being forced to dig trenches every day, Walter said, “Dig the best trenches.” It’s a reminder that even in our mundane daily tasks, we can do them excellently and offer them as a sacrifice to God and to our families. That intention matters. So for each of us, write the best status report, deploy the best code, send the best email, balance the best budget and we’ll be acting as faithful servants.

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