Team Handball

DATE: 2021-07-17
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Rambler, Jenner, Ba Da Boom, Booking, Rooster, Zeus, Popeyes, Yard Sale, El Niño, Toolbox, swish, Bambi, Switch FNGs: Booking 2.0’s: Flood and Racket. Hightower 2.0 Vault
Vault led series of stretches and flexibility

Partner shuttle run with 2.0 across football field

Team handball, pass between teammates to shoot on goal, before the shot must pass twice to 2.0’s.
When the ball hits the ground that team does 3 squats and the other team takes over. Team that scores get to decide PT for other team.

30 cadence count flutter kicks, 25 little baby crunch

3 years ago we started Olympus with help from The Patriot and Carpex, NC. Zeus & MjP Co-Q birthday Sat July 31 at Olympus
Jenner Harpers Ferry ruck/tubing Sat July 24

Grateful for the blessings for F3 and this group.

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