Gigabob Games -Day 1

DATE: 2021-07-12
AO: Loco
Q: Gigawatt
PAX: Brisket, Hoff, Beaver Nugget, Scranton, Water Hammer, Madonna, Refueler, Shute, CrotchRocket, Bobcat, Bolt, Nolan FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH IC, DQ’s IC, Cherry Pickers IC, Arm Circles IC, Michael Phelps IC – Teams were choosing at the end of warm ups THE THANG: GIGABOB GAMES – Day 1
Four team events with a bonus individual event at the end. The main events were;

1) BALLS TO THE WALL TEAM TIME TRIALS. Team’s formed a line at the wall. First HIM from each team assumed the position on the wall. That HIM held it for as long as they could. Once the they came down the next HIM on their team to their place. The team with the last HIM on the walls wins.
2) COUPON TOSS – Teams again form lines. First HIM in each line will toss the coupon as far as they can. They then peel off and go to the end of the line. The next HIM in line runs to the coupon and tosses it farther down the field. That HIM returns to the end of the line and rinse and repeat until the first team to go the full length (100yrds) of the field.
3) MURDER BUNNY RELAY RACE. Teams split in two. Half on one end of the field, half on the opposite end. On signal, first HIM on each team murder bunnies down the full length of the field and passes the coupon off to the next HIM, who in turn performs a murder bunny back down the field. That HIM passes the coupon off and rinse and repeat until all of the HIM’s on the team have done it once. The first team to complete the relay wins. 4) GOOD OLD FASHION TUG A WAR.

Each event had a point value and the team with the most points at the conclusion of all four events win’s the Trophy!

Day 1 winners were the Red Team – @Brisket, @Hoff, @Beaver Nugget, @Scranton, @Water Hammer, @Madonna
Last competition was a two minute MAX Merkin contest. The Winner was @bolt with 117!!

MARY: One minute of Flutter Kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Day 2 of Gigabob Games is Wednesday finishing with Day 3 on Friday. 911 Stair Climb is approaching we need to start working on training for that. The Burg Launch, 23 of July
COT: Never forget to say “I Love You” to your love ones. I shared a story of a teen who’s father passed suddenly and the day’s leading up she never said those words to him. It is some thing that she says will forever haunt her. No matter what, say those three simple words. They are powerful words. Even if you are arguing or mad at that love one, you can still say it. You may never get to do it again.

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