A Pair of Rats Lead The Race

DATE: 2021-07-13
AO: Freestate
Q: Horshack
PAX: Horshack
FNGs: Winston
· SSH-x 25 IC
· Merkins-x 15 IC
· Cherry Pickers-x 15 IC
· 2 Laps with Karaoke
· El Capitan-15 each way OYO
· Windmills-x 15 IC
· Harry Rockettes x 15 IC
· Michael Phelps-x 15 IC

• The Rat Race x 2 Rounds (The Rat’s Assignment is Full Length Blacktop Suicides with ONE Burpie at each of the five turns). Meanwhile, the other Rat completes a race and rotates after each exercise) · Race #1-Carolina Dry Docks
· Race #2-Peoples’ Chair
· Race #3-Dips
· Race #4-Squats
· Race #5-Mountain Climbers

MARY: Don’t let your feet touch the ground . . .
· Flutter-x 20 IC
· Reverse Crunches-x 20 IC
· Leg Lift Rosalitas -x 20 IC
· American Hammer -x 20 IC

COT: Q-Source 1.11: Meeting (Part 2)
To leave a legacy, a man must be competent in the practice of his Belief System

Because a Virtuous Leader lives according to a particular Belief System, he regards the Acceleration as a Mission-essential Task, something that must be done Competently. Competence results from practicing study of the belief system combined with practical application that turns head-knowledge into heart-knowledge.

A Virtuous Leader is an Effective Leader who also possesses the Leadership Virtues, which are the Habits and Ethics of moral excellence. These define what a Leader is and they are distinct from the Leadership Skills, the capabilities that enable him to do what an Effective Leader does.

For a Leader’s influence to outlast his lifetime requires a Legacy, and only a Virtuous Leader can create that through the consistent application of Leadership Skills in a manner that is both guided and governed by his Belief System.

Meetings hold a Leader Accountable to the Truth

Candor is graciously telling the hard Truth and demanding to hear it from others. It is one of the Leadership Virtues. Without Candor, a man cannot be a Virtuous Leader.

Candor is a rare quality, because people are hard-wired to avoid the adverse consequences that often arise from knowledge of the Truth.

Some leaders hide the Truth from their followers to avoid Accountability for their own failures, but also for a less selfish reason: to avoid bringing them pain. Because Truth is Disruptive, a weak Leader will shy away from telling the truth and justify it with the delusion that he is sparing them out of love.

But it’s an odd kind of love that leads a man to tell a Brother that he is Right when his boat is actually capsized.

Truth will often result in disagreement and pain. Yet, to be Candid – to be what a Leader is – one must tell the hard truth boldly and demand to hear it from others.

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