Q School- Qualified!

DATE: 2021-07-10
AO: Charlestown-Ao
Q: Banjo (WV)
PAX: Rigger, Lazarus, Inglewood, Damien
FNGs: Agnarr, D’artagnan, Cowher, FNG- Mighty Mouse
3 Pax for extra credit Rucking at 06:15

Q School starts with preparation! Planning, disclaimer, other considerations.

Each pax led one exercise with opportunity to encourage, critique, or adjust.

Mosey to basketball court whole discussing roles withing a morning workout.
Basketball court-Banjo Q with ladder down on 5 reps of burpees, with bear crawls between each sets. Mosey back to Tennis courts.
Tennis courts-
Rigger introduced everyone to “The Motivator.”
D’artagnan led a ladder down of Merkins with sprints.
Inglewood led a fartlek with lunges by the line.

All pax had a chance to lead an exercise.

New AO’s- Rucking, Running, and Berkeley County.

COT: Q-ing a workout is about leadership. Pax show up as willing participants. Use this as a proving ground, it will come in handy in leadership situations in life- work, family, and community.

Named Greg “Mighty Mouse” because of his many athletic activities- x-games, soccer, etc.

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