PS&M Session – Focus on Hamstrings

DATE: 2021-07-06
AO: Loco-Valhalla
Q: Mutombo
PAX: Dial-tone, Shute, Boone
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Side shuffles, karaoke, Single leg RDLs, butt kicks, high knees
THE THANG: Rock to reach, Downward dog+upward dog combos, world’s greatest stretch, bent leg wipers, “Letter Fs” (lay on your side and move top arm from left to right), side plank reach thrus
Stretch and push-pull for each of the following: arm across the chest, arm pulled to the side, both arms behind (stretch of the front of the shoulders) Camel Stretch
Monkey Squat stretch
COT: I found this parable posted last night on FaceBook from someone I grew up with:
“A rattlesnake bit one of my sheep in the face about a week ago. Deadliest snake that lives around here. The sheep’s face swelled up and hurt her terribly.

But the old rattlesnake didn’t know the kind of blood that flows through the sheet. Anti-venom is most often made from sheep’s blood. The sheep swelled for about 2 days but the blood of the lamb destroyed the venom of the serpent.

I was worried but the sheep didn’t care. She kept on eating, kept on drinking and kept on climbing because she knew she was alright.

Often the serpents of this life will reach out and bite us. They inject their poison into us but they cannot overcome the Blood of the Lamb of God that washes away the sin of the world and the sting of death. Don’t worry about the serpent or his bite, just make sure that the Lamb’s Blood is flowing through your veins.” – Author Unknown

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