Burpeetorium and swimming rats

DATE: 2021-07-02
AO: Sparta
Q: Lightyear
PAX: Switch, Hightower, Maj. Payne, Zeus, El Niño
FNGs: Bluegrass
WARMUP: With a light drizzle starting, the PAX moseyed around the track performing some walking lunges, high knees, and side lunges. PAX ended their warmup with a round of Eskimo Merkins
THE THANG: At Maj Pain’s request, today we set out to answer the question of “how many burpees is too many burpees?” At least that’s how YHC interpreted his quest for burpees. Bottom line, quick answer is 150. As the rain increased, PAX performed 50 Burpees and 50 Sit-ups & jogged 400 meters, 40 Burpees and 40 Sit-ups & jogged 400 meters, 30 Burpees and 30 Sit-ups & jogged 400 meters. YHC’s time management got away and PAX ended the beatdown with 30 Burpees… so 150 to kick start the morning! ANNOUNCEMENTS: get out to old town and support the upcoming launch!
COT: We’ve all heard “as iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another”… take a deeper look at what it’s really saying. Yes, we make ourselves better together… but the process for sharpening one another is hard and can be uncomfortable, just like iron striking iron. It creates friction, sparks fly. Do the uncomfortable thing; EH someone, reach out to a brother and let them know you’re here for them.

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