Game Day!

DATE: 2021-06-23
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Maj. Payne, 3 mile, sticks, Old Bay, Kodiak, lojack
FNGs: @Attache, @kombucha
WARMUP: moving warmup, with SSH, imperial walkers, Michael Phelps, cherry pickers, interrupted by mosey, butt kickers, high knees, side shuffle
THE THANG: Game 1 was F3 Auction. PAX bid for the most reps of an exercise they could complete before the first PAX finished doing another challenge. First game was #burpees completed before the first PAX could crab walk to the 30 and back. Second was burpees vs. 30 yd lunge walk. Next was hand release Merkins vs. first to complete 10 burpees. Then burpees vs. broad jump to the 20 and back.
Game 2 was catch me if you can. Reverse run vs. 8 Merkins and fwd run. Flapjack. Then reverse lunge vs. 5 big boy sit ups and forward lunge.
Game 3 was bear/crab soccer. 5 on 4, so props to Team 2 for the tie score of 1-1. MARY: Captain Thor, flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2nd F tomorrow – see the channel
COT: The QIC shared two very different stories of courage, and people who have turned adversity into positive energy for good. The first was a co-worker of mine, Flo Groberg, who received the Medal of Honor for his service in Afghanistan, and now puts all of his energy into helping others veterans. The second was Opal Lee, the “grandmother of Juneteenth”, who at 94 years old was spearheading the effort to make June 19th a federal holiday. Among the many challenges she faced was when her house was burned down as a child by a mob, with police standing by, doing nothing to help. But she has channeled this adversity into a life of making positive change in many ways.

Most of us will never live up to these examples, but they can serve to inspire us to do more.

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