Bulldog Log Jam

AO: LoCo Bulldog

QIC: Shute

The PAX: Rikers, Hoff, Nolan, Bobcat, Bolt, Brisket, Mater, Microchip, Dial-tone, Gigawatt, and CrotchRocket made it out of the fart sack for a WWII style beat down. Lots of mumble chatter means the PAX is really warming up to their logs.

WarmUp: SSH, Michael Phelps, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, DD, Cobra Kai

The Thang:

Part 1: Parking log mosey with varied motions

Part 2: Partner up based on height and grab a log. Mosey to soccer field for exercises on each end:

  • Shoulder press IC 4ct., on shoulder mosey to other end of soccer field
  • Curls, mosey back with log held overhead
  • Squat/clean/press IC 5ct., mosey back with log held like battering ram
  • On 6 Flutter kicks with log held up IC

Part 3: Snakes in the grass (chains). Split into 2 teams, attach chains to marked logs. 2 man race 50 yards out, around coupon and back. PAX in holding pattern alternate exercises:

  • Foxhole
  • Tie Fighters

Mary: We got back too early, so we did rows, chest press, and overhead pulls with the logs. Then Microchip led in never ending big boy situps. American hammers and cobra kai stretch to finish.

COT: Be Prepared. Discussed G3L and being prepared from: https://f3nation.com/q/preparedness/.

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