LoCo Lurker repeats with Jacob’s Ladder(11s)


QIC: Rikers (QIC)

The PAX: Jenner, Refueler, MicroChip, Bolt, Bobcat, Gigawatt, Shute, Hoff, Pre, Nolan, Mater, Mutumbo, Brisket, Beast, Dial-tone, Ratatouille, Silver (not pictured), WELCOME FNGs- Banjo, Brawny, & Crotch Rocket

WarmUp: SSH x 15 IC, Hairy Rockettes x 20 IC, MP x 15 IC, Mosey Buttkickers to crosswalk

The Thang: Mosey F2 pace around the school to top of Lurker (any said hill in the gloom that seeks to intimidate and oppress PAX)- Lurker repeats (6%grade .15m or .25m options) with Jacob’s Ladder modified to 11s- burpees at the top, crucible wide grip Carolina Drydocks at the bottom- rinse and repeat

Mary: Thank you Jenner- 30 IC flutter kicks of varying tempo, Freddie Mercury IC mid way modification of holding FM in honor of Maj. Payne’s M, and final LBCs x100

COT: Know the lurker(s) in your life and do not succumb to its oppression; whether infidelity, pornography, idols, alcohol…claim it and own it. I serve a God greater than any lurker, hill or valley, and He is always with me. I just have to let go of me and give it to Him. We do not face trials alone and avoiding the challenge or the pain it may cause will never allow us to grow stronger as HIMs.
Naked Moleskin: proud of this group! YHC lost IC during WU with lurking car in the parking lot but the PAX stayed together. I was amazed by turnout and I can send see the fitness growth of the LoCo HIMs. Despite a hill repeat workout, LoCo ensured no man was left behind, nor where we found him. EMs were seen and heard with our FNGs throughout. Not the best FNG workout but you guys crushed it!

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