Miracle on Ice at the Farm

AO: The Farm

QIC: Infinity

The PAX: Chile, Running Man, Rocketman, Gekko, Dirty Bird (FNG), Tripoli (FNG), and Buzz

WarmUp: “Prepare to grow through pain” – Herb Brooks

Air Squats, Don Quixotes, Cherry Pickers, Michael Phelps, and SSHs.

The Thang: The Miracle on Ice (modified version of Pop Fly’s workout):

Round 1: "You don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone." – Herb Brooks

400M run (one lap around the field)

Lunge Walk 100 yds (50 and back)

Bear Crawl 50 yds (25 and back)

25 Bent Over Coupon Rows

25 Big Boi Sit-ups


USA ties Sweden 2-2

Round 2: "Legs feed the wolf." – Herb Brooks

From Goal Line:

25-yard line and back

40-yard line and back

50-yard line and back

60-yard line and back

50 Calf Raises

"What is courage? Let me tell you what I think it is. An indefinable quality that makes a man put out that extra something, when it seems there is nothing else to give. I dare you to be better than you are. I dare you to be a thoroughbred." – Herb Brooks


USA Beats Czechoslovakia 7-3, Norway 5-1, and West Germany 4-2

Round 3: “Great moments are born from great opportunities.” – Herb Brooks

5 Burpees

Backwards Run to 50-yard line

• Squats x30

• Speed Skaters x20

• Monkey Humpers x10

Reverse Lunge 10 yards: Reverse Merkins x10 (40 yd line)

Reverse Lunge 15 yards: Reverse Merkins x10 (25 yd line)

Reverse Lunge 25 yards: Reverse Merkins x10 (goal line)

"Risk something or forever sit with your dreams." – Herb Brooks

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