AO: Olympus

QIC: Gadget

The PAX: Pop-Fly; Dunder; Zeus.

WarmUp: Michael Phelps; Windmills; Cherry Pickers, Air Squats, Downward Dog/Cobra Kai

The Thang: Modified Bear Walk 1-2-3
The Pax lined up at the end zone and teamed up for 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Air Squats as a team. Partners split the time between 1-2-3s and bear crawls to/from the 10yrd line.
Session II: Same format, but partners split the time between running to/from 100yrds while doing 100 Glees, 200 Shoulder Presses, and 300 Freddy Mercuries.

Mary: BBCs, Peter Parkers, Ins & Outs, and Goof Balls.

COT: It is easy to hear the doom & gloom, but remind yourself of the blessings surrounding you. Closing prayer for F3, its men, their families and communities, and our nation.

Announcements: Saturday 2/6/21 ARC Ruck Challenge; 4/17/21 Dad’s Camp near Front Royal.

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