Weighted Wednesday

AO: LoCo Bulldog

QIC: Shute

The PAX: @Rickers, @Mutumbo, @Pre, @Gigawatt, @Nolan, @Bobcat, @Bolt, @Boone, @Brisket braved the wind and snow to participate in a full body beat down.

WarmUp: SSH, Michael Phelps, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, DD, Cobra Kai

The Thang: Partner up for a down and back mosey. 2 Reps each, 1 person does AMRAP of exercise, other person moseys down and back, plank it out when done each exercise. About a 20 second break between exercises. Exercises:

  • Man Maker Burpees
  • Overhead hold
  • Curl and Press
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Kettle Swings
  • Shrugs
  • Squat and Press
  • HIM Choice

Mary: Coupon American Hammer, BBS

COT: From the 2009 book Raising A Modern-Day Joseph, Larry Fowler poses the question, “Take a typical seventeen-year-old from your church, and plant him right in the middle of a godless, pagan, hedonistic culture. Separate him from his family. Strip him of his spiritual support system. Fire several dozen rounds of alluring temptations at him. Treat him unfairly again and again. Then feed his ego with promotions and success. How confident are you that your seventeen-year-old would continually demonstrate that he knows, loves, and serves God through all that?” Something to think about.

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