Loco Pullurpee Party

AO: Bear (RHE), Loco

QIC: @Empire

The PAX:

@Bolt, @Gigawatt, @Nolan, @Dialtone (Muscletone), @Brisket, @Bobcat, @Pre, @Cutter, @Beast, @Hoff, @Microchip, @Shute, @Rikers, and welcome @Romeo and @Mittens!


SSH, arm circles, deep prying squats, high plank, low plank, cobra kai, down dog

The Thang:

(burpees + jumping pull-ups) x 10 = 10 pullurpees, then run a lap. Rinse and repeat AMRAP. Made sure to get 100 burpees.

Mary: DNC because we had 2 FNGs to name

COT: HIMs carry their own weather; we are positive thinkers who control our attitude. But we can’t always do it alone. The research is clear that men are increasingly isolated and lonely. If left on our own, we focus on family and neglect our friendships. We need to feed our souls if we are to thrive. We need meaningful connections with other men. It’s no secret why F3 has grown so rapidly in Loco—it’s needed. (Why else would 16 of us brave 19 degrees and 16 mph winds that made it feel like 5 degrees at 0530?!) Keep growing the fellowship and feeding one another!

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