Backblast Jan 23: HITT DAY!
AO: LoCo Bulldog

QIC: @Gigawatt

The PAX: @MicroChip @Mutumbo @Hoff @Brisket
5 Strong at the frozen Bulldog pavilion.

WarmUp: SSH, MP’s, Plank Jacks in Cadence, Mountain Climbers in Cadence, Arm Circles in Cadence, Side lunges in Cadence, finished with Merkins.

The Thang: HITT Core & Cardio.
30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Split PAX into two groups. Swap exercises on the 10 second off.
Round 1 completed 3x
Plank up/downs & Side Shuffle Shuttle Run
Round 2 completed 3x
Plank w/ side to side Jumps & Supermans
Round 3 completed 3x
Flutter Kicks & High Knees

Part 2: Legs of Fire.
30 seconds on 10 seconds off.
Squats, Squat Jumps, Lunges, Lunge Jumps, Side Lunge with coupon, Sumo Squats with Coupon, Pickle Pointers with Coupon, Single leg Pickle Pointer with coupon,(Alternate leg every two), Bulgarian Split Squats on the coupon, Calf raises off the coupon, Man Maker Burpees and Finished with two rounds of Sally’s. Round 1, Squats. Round 2 St. Louis Burpees.

Part 3: Upper Body Beat down to replace MARY
Tricep Side Pushes to failure, Dips off coupons, Coupon Front Raises, Single arm bent over rows with coupon, Slow count merkins in cadence, and finished with 3 rounds of Balls to the walls, first a 10sec hold, then a 20sec hold and last round was max out, hold as long as you could. @MicroChip Won!

COT: What is your inspiration? Mine has become the PAX! Nothing has motivated me more than the PAX. It takes a lot to roll out of the Fartsack at the crack of dawn and walkout into sub freezing temps. But knowing that there is a PAX waiting and sometimes relying on you changes the game. Life Changing!

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