Century of Burpees (sort of)

AO: Patriot

QIC: Citrus

THE PAX: Cable Guy, Flipper, Lazlo, Maguire, Undertow, and Citrus.

THE WARMUP: 1 burpee, SSH, 2 burpees, Imperial walkers, 3 burpees, Cherry pickers, WMH, 4 burpees, scapular pushups, Michael Phelps (10 burpees total)

The fourth “F” stands for “flexibility”. The high school football team had practice on most of the field, so we had to adapt on the fly.

PART 1: Roxanne by The Police – 1 burpee every time you hear Roxanne (27 burpees total)

PART 2: 5 stations with multiple exercise options at each, setup across the length of the goal line (including Coupon Swings, Atlas Press, Lunges, Planks, calf raises, mountain climbers, shoulder taps). The timer was station 0, consisting of 15 burpees for round 1, then 10 burpees rounds 2 and 3. The PAX farthest from the burpee station rifle carries their coupon (about 50 yards) to become the next timer (35 burpees total)

PART 3: 7s Pyramid of LBCs and Lunges with 30 yard run, with 2x burpees every time you hit the midway point in the run (12 times = 24 burpees)

BONUS PART 4: Lazlo pointed out that we were at 96 burpees, so post-photo we fell down and got up again 4 more times to hit 100 burpees on the nose. (4 burpees total)

MARY: Toy soldiers and Freddie Mercuries

COT: It’s MLK day. YHC encouraged everyone to spend some time today reflecting on why this day is important to so many people, especially after the events of 2020.

(not pictured – the extra 4 burpees performed by all PAX after this photo was taken)

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