Double Dora

AO: Horizon

QIC: Brown Bag

PAX: 3 Mile; Einstein; Kodiak; Sunshine; Mayberry; Attache; Sticks; Lazlo; Lightspeed

WARM UP: SSH; Don Quixote; Cherry Picker; Willie Mays Hays; LBAC; Down
Dog/ Up Dog; Mosey around the field


Dora #1: 100 Burpees; 200 single count plank jacks; 300 double count American Hammers.

PAX mosied for about 5 minutes alternating easy mosey with 85-90% sprint pace

Dora #2: 50 burpees; 100 merkins; 150 LBCs
MARY: Superman x10

CIRCLE OF TRUST: PAX did one minute of mindful breathing. It was the longest any one of us had ever gone without hearing Sunshine speak! 😀
It’s important to stop sometimes and take a breath. With everything going on in the outside world and in our immediate lives stopping to do this a couple times a day can work wonders.

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