LoCo-Wolverine AO kickoff

AO: LoCo- Wolverine

QIC: Rikers

The PAX: Microchip, Empire, & Pre

WarmUp: SSH x 15 IC, IW x 10 IC, HBW x 10 IC, MPx15 IC, & Hairy Rockettes x 10 IC

The Thang: Coupon swings 15 IC x 3, Coupon single arm row 10 ea arm x 3

Mosey to

MVES playground pull ups/ dry docks 25 (10/15 or 5/20 or …)per set divided to OYO modification x 3

Mosey to

WGHS bench dips 15 x 3 sets/ OG burpee 10 x 3 sets

Mosey to

Launch of for Man maker burpees 10 IC x 3 sets with coupon

Mary: Heels to Heaven x 15 flap Jack to Y-Supermans x 15 3 sets

COT: heavy hearts after word of another young life taken by suicide yesterday. Men do not stay silent! Vulnerability in our hurt is strength. Find our hope in God and not in a country or an elected official. My truth is in His name and for His glory. Let us be men that open to our wives, our friends, and use of 43ft of influence to change this equation- in our faith communities, our healthcare communities, education communities, and work communities. Be a voice for those in need and arms of love to those hurting. Be light in a dark place and be love.


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