F3’s Original Beatdown w/ a side of Burpees

AO: Sparta
QIC: Monk
The PAX: Obadiah, Hightower, Gadget, El Nino, Monk, and a socially distant Nano doing nothing but burpees

To celebrate F3’s 10th Anniversary, I used the original F3 beatdown and threw in some burpees for F3 St. Louis.

I opened with Dredd’s explanation, from Backblast #1, that it’s "just ‘you against you’ but it’s also you against everyone else out there — and that’s a good thing": great advice that seems to have become "Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him." I added how remarkable it is that such simple principles–a free, peer led (typically difficult and sometimes fun) workout for men–have moved so many. On the other hand, the responses to our desires and problems are often simple, and effective when we choose to adopt them. And so it’s happened that for 10 years, F3 has tapped men’s desire to lead and provided a way to develop the physical and mental health, connection to other men, and greater sense of purpose that men need to lead.

Warmup: Imperial Walkers & Windmills both IC to 27 reps (for my 53rd b’day + one to grow on), Monkey Humpers IC to 54 reps (ouch!), arm circles

Warmup lap around the West Springfield HS track + 5 burpees each 1/2 lap.

Introduction to basic exercises:

Merkin/American Pushups

Wide-Arm Pushups

Diamond Pushups

Partner / Inclined Pushups

(all IC 27 reps; dispensed with ‘Partner’ due to COVID)

1 x West Springfield HS track lap + 5 burpees each 1/2 lap.

Introduction to basic exercises (cont.):

Knee-Up +The Dolly

Flutter Kick

The Little Baby Crunch

(all IC 27 reps)

1 x West Springfield HS track lap + 5 burpees each 1/2 lap.

Introduction to basic exercises (cont.)

Side-Straddle Hop

Squat Thrust

Mountain Climber

(all IC 27 reps)

1 x West Springfield HS track lap + 5 burpees each 1/2 lap.

Monkey Shockers (Monkey Humpers maybe? Did them already):

Ran to the top of the stairs at the WSHS parking lot, where we did 10 burpees next to the shovel flag. While the PAX rested a moment, I offered a thought about the F3 shovel flag: It can be planted wherever, but the flag represents the USA. At the F3 founding, no one imagined it would become so widespread, but it has already spread internationally, beginning (I think) with Chimbote, where the PAX found women doing all the work and men failing to serve their families. Then the men started coming to workouts, and we’ve seen the impact. Today we can imagine how, 10 years from now, 3, 4, 5X … the number of today’s PAX might impact their communities.

Back to work: Like the original beatdown, we ran hills, and I threw in some burpees for F3 St. Louis and "53" for me. 5+3=8, so we ran the stairs 8 times with 5 burpees at top and bottom.

Mary: American Hammers, LBC’s, Dying Cockroaches

COT: Gadget asked us to pray for Onida and her family in Miami. She’s contracted COVID and lapsed into a coma. I offered a thought and a prayer: The QSource talks about love as the foundation of leadership. May each of us learn more deeply this year how to turn love into effective leadership. We also prayed for Onida and all our unspoken intentions.


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