Ice-Encrusted Coupons – The Patriot, 12.28.2020

Ice-Encrusted Coupons – The Patriot, 12.28.2020

AO: #thepatriot

QIC: @cableguy, @weddingsinger

The Pax: 10 strong

Warmup: Side straddle hop, Itty bitty arm circles, Willie Mays Hayes, Cherry pickers

The Thang:We’re split into four teams to proceed counterclockwise through a series of workout stations. We’ll be timed by one team running about 350 meters – around the field, not the icy track – starting at the southeast corner where the snack bar is. Team 1 will run first – their arrival at the northeast corner triggers the rotation. Exercises are written on your cone – there are two per cone – alternate them as you pass through.

Team 1: SE corner to run

Team 2: NE end zone (Block Burpees / Curls)

Team 3: Midfield (Kettle Bell Swings / Durkins)

Team 4: SE end zone (Thrusters / Coupon Squats)

Mary: Mountain climbers, side plank rotate (each side), side plank elbow to knee (each side), big boy sit ups, American hammers, flutter kick

COT: Christmas is a week away – and with it comes a lot of expectations. This will be hard year for many when we miss out of family gatherings and holiday traditions. We are great at finding the positive, but it’s also important to make space to acknowledge the disappointment and grief over what’s lost this year. That will help us be more empathetic to our spouses, kids, extended family who are struggling, and ultimately help us push through and make this a Christmas to enjoy.

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