Disruption Sat Dec 11, 2020

Disturbance to the Status Quo

AO: Olympus

QIC: Co-Q Vespa (VQ) & HT

Pax: Jag with his 2.0’s Seadog and Southpaw, ChoCho, MajPayne, Obadiah, Cheddar, Nano, PopFly, Roddick, Monk, Gadget, El Niño, Zeus, FNG phish, Vespa & HT


20 cadence SSH, Good Mornings, Little Baby Arm Circle forward & reverse, WMH, downward dog and Cobra Kia. The mossy over to baseball dugouts, high knees, butt kickers and karaoke.

The Thang:

Modified Chad WOD:

2 rounds, 100 step ups with active recovery between rounds

End of round 1: balls to wall, shoulder taps

End of round 2: wall sit for 2 min count

fellowship jog to athletic field, turnover to Vespa

“Ricky Bobby” @ the track Hightower front,

El Niño in the back. (2 laps)

“Bear Crawl to Heaven”homage to Choo Choo (The Patriot)

10 Burpees

20 Merkins

30 Calf Raises

40 Shoulder Presses

50 Squats

And Back!

Partner sprints: partner 1 sprints to 50 yard and back, tags partner 2. He does the same. Go for 4 rounds.


Flutter Kicks, V Ups, Super Mans, American Twists, Bonnie’s Torture & 4-count Glee’s


Words of Wisdom – Disruption, Perseverance & Gratitude

Life is full of Disruption, we must Persevere and give Gratitude to what we have and the ones that have helped us in our journey.

Thankful for my new F3 family especially Choo Choo for introducing me to the group. Shout out to NFG “Phish” and my Co-Q Hightower!

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