AO Challenge BERT

AO: LoCo- Wolverine

QIC: Rikers

Naked Moleskin: the LoCo PAX impressed! Between Riblet (2.0) joining the PAX and the designated/assigned lead for each movement segment YHC was impressed. Empire was the quintessential leadoff with the first 50 Burpee round, Bobcat/Shute pushed through the first 100 Merkins- Bobcat repping those out quick, Refueler/Brisket lead 150 walking lunges with Refueler just a lunge machine!, Pre/ MicroChip cadence for 200 air squats- WOW Pre-aka the human Piston, or one trick pony😂, next Gigawatt/Bolt crushing yet another 150 lunges again with a silly fast cadence from Gigawatt in which YHC felt he needed to follow with a bum knee. That stopped fairly quickly for me…don’t ignore the pain my PT’s voice was in my head. Next up was upper body to close it out Beast/YHC for 100 Merkins, and true to his name TBD came unexpectedly out of no where and shouts DONE when the designated leads were still at 80+ respectively- WHAT?!?, and bringing it home with a steady 50 burpees Dialtone blasted it out. We added one more 200m to boot as YHC was so excited to finish and loosen it all out. Each 200m interval between segments was treated with incredible zeal by the PAX. The jutebox was a great call by 3Mile to share across the multi-AO. TClaps to all!!

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