Discombobulation Nation

AO: Horizon

QIC: Lazlo

The PAX: Attache, @Sticks, @Maj. Payne, @Magoo, @Mayberry, FNG Einstein, @Fuzz, @3 mile

Some days the cobwebs don’t really clear out of your head until you’ve gotten through warmup. Other days are like this one. All cobwebs.

WarmUp: SSH, imperial walkers, LBACs, Moroccan night clubs, cherry pickers, downward dog, high knees, butt kickers cariocas, moseys

The Thang: PAX lined up along the end of the field, which was divided into 10 sections by cones roughly every 10 yards.
Round 1:
-Bear crawl to cone 1, do 1 Merkin and 4 overhead claps
-Bear crawl to cone 2, do 2 Merkins and 8 overhead claps
-Bear crawl to cone 10, do 10 Merkins and 40 OH claps

Round 2:
-Broad jump to cone 1, do 1 lunge and 4 squats
-Broad jump to cone 2, do 2 lunges and 2 squats. What? We were supposed to do 8 squats you say? I say discombobulation. Oddly, none of the PAX mentioned to the QIC that they were being short changed on the BWS.

Broad jump to cone 10, do 10 lunges and 10 BWS.

Round 3:
-Crab walk, 1 Hello Dolly, 4 LBCs
-Repeated appropriately this time to 10 / 40. At one point I believe the QIC to do "funteen" LBCs. More discombobulation.

Round 4:
-High knees, 1 burpee, 4 mountain climbers, every leg counts.
Except… struck by more discombobulation, the QIC couldn’t wrap his head around counting mountain climbers in a reasonable way. We worked it out. But gratefully we ran out of time at mid-field.

Mary: Flutter kicks

COT: Brazenly copied from Choo Choo’s Thanksgiving prayer. Gratitude is important, but not enough. Give thanks for your food, but remember the hungry. Give thanks for your health but remember the sick. Give thanks for your friends and family, but remember those who are alone. Aye!

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