The Lieutenant

AO: The Farm

QIC: Jag

The PAX: Chile; Cable Guy; Running Man; Dictator; Dungeon Master; Sea Dog; Southpaw; Infinity; Buzz and Cadence.

Warm-Up: Side Straddle Hops; Little Bitty Arm Circles (forward and reverse); Michael Phelps; Imperial Walkers; Rockettes; Willy Mays Hays; Cherry Pickers; Merkins; Down Dog and Cobra Kai.

The Thang: USMC 1st. Lt. Douglas W. O’Donnell – beloved husband, father and Marine – was killed in combat near Phu Bai, Vietnam while serving with 5th Platoon, 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company. The PAX honored his service and legacy as follows:

He died on October 21, 1966 — the PAX performed 10 Burpees; 21 Merkins and 66 Squats. Then a run.

He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Section 37, Number 691 — the PAX performed 30 Big Boi Situps; 70 Dirty Mules; 60 Side Straddle Hops; 90 Calf Raises and 10 Gleemakers (or Burpees), which was followed by another run.

His sacrifice is memorialized on the Vietnam Wall, Panel 11E, Line 95 — the PAX performed 11 Gleemakers (or Burpees) and 95 LBCs. Another run followed.

And with a nod to his love of fun and life, the PAX finished the workout with a brief game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Mary: Flutterkicks; Penguin Crunches; Freddie Mercuries and Jackknives.

COT: RIP Lt. O’Donnell. Out.

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