sprints, deconstructed burpees and rings o’ fire at Horizon

AO: Horizon
QIC: 3 mile
The PAX: Brown Bag, Magoo, Disco, Styx, Attache, Laslo, Kodiak, Fuzz (welcome back!)
WarmUp: while gazing at stars and planets (Venus?), SSH, LB Arm Circles, WM Hayes, Cherry Pickers, Down Dog, Updog, Merkins * 10
The Thang: EMOM 100 yd sprints * 8 /// mosey to pull up bars for 2 rounds of pull-ups and planks /// escalating broadjumps + merkins to end of parking lot / escalating lunges + BWS back across parking lot /// mosey to field /// ring o’ fire 1: all PAX – 3 merkins then sprint around circle, hold plank till all PAX complete; ring o’ fire 2: all PAX – calf raises to 5
Mary: Brown Bag led Freddy Mercurys; Magoo led a on-your-6, boat hold as all PAX counted to 30 something
COT: my oldest son turned 8 today, which always makes me reflect on being a dad. some days it’s a challenge having 3 small kids (or any kid of any age), it is a gift and cause for gratitude. what are the other gifts hidden in plain sight (e.g. F3, our health, the air we breathe) that we take for granted?

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