The Bricks of Sparta

AO: #sparta

QIC: @Obadiah

The PAX: @Hightower @Ashe @Derecho @El Nino @Zeus @PopFly

WarmUp: SSH, Don Quixote, Up/Down Dog, Rockets.

The Thang:
This exercise tracked with Nov 13 #monthlychallenge of 4 x 100 (4 exercises 100 times). 4 stops every 100 meters or so with the stop 4 two exercises (A & B). All but 4B included Nantucket paving stones.

Stop 1: 25 Arm raises with a paver in a squat
Stop 2: 12 or 13 single arm raise with a block, switch (24, 26, 26, 24)
Stop 3: 25 Highly contested murder bunny or forward gorilla walk. Brick in front of you and move it forward, scoot up, remain in squat. Not bear crawl position. Stop 4: A). 25 Chest flys with two blocks
B). Dying cockroach, glees, Bonnie Blair’s, merkin leg lift – until flys called time.

Mary: she didn’t make the trip.

Announcements: Shirts, turkey trot, beer ruck.

COT: Resiliency. Lots of talk on the value of building up a reserve. The Pilgrims planned for about a month on the Mayflower – it took 66 days and they showed up exhausted and starving and only about half made it through the first winter. Critical to fill the tank so you you can go the extra mile for you or someone else.

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