Sparta Workout for 10/30

AO: Sparta

QIC: Ashe
PAX: El Nino, JAG, Obadiah, Gadget, Infinity, Roddick, Jenner, Zeus, Derecho

  1. Warm-up Jog – Lap around outside of school while:
    1. Arm circles while running
    2. Karaoke
    3. But kickers
    4. Speed up while going uphill
    5. High stepping
    6. Michael Phelps
    7. Karaoke
    8. Pick up speed downhill to return to start
  2. The Thang, Part A, with no or short breaks:
    1. Thrusters with set down to opposite side of body x15
    2. Crossover Merkins on CB x15 (right arm up, plank to switch to left arm up and repeat)
    3. CB Swings X15
    4. Two leg ski hops over CB, trying not to pause between jumps (until I called halt)
    5. 10 Jumps on stone benches x10 OYO
    6. 10 lunges each leg with CB
    7. Repeat
  3. The Thang Part B:
    1. Jog to track and form single file line in plank position
    2. 10 Merkins
    3. Leader sprints to far side of field (110/20yds) and resume plank, then next goes
    4. Plank and Nolan Ryan in new line while others finish
    5. 30 air squats
    6. 200m sprint continuing around track in pairs
    7. Nolan Ryan and x10 Merkins
    8. jog back to the start at benches
  4. Mary: Robots, flutter kicks, in and outs, WW2s, bicycles/zombies, 4 part glees, bear crawls, and more.
  5. Message: I appreciated everyone coming out and giving it their best. Grateful to be with everyone for a fun morning workout and hope we can all have a great Halloween weekend.

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