Monopoly at the Farm

AO: The Farm
QIC: Infinity
The PAX: Chile, Running Man, Jag, Infinity, Cadence, Buzz, and The Colonel

Warm up:


10 Air Squats IC

5 Merkins IC

10 Don Quixote IC

10 Pumpkin Pickers IC

10 Arm Circles IC

10 Dolphin Hops IC

10 Bronco Busters, each side

10 Mountain Climbers IC

The Thang:

F3 Monopoly (aka, F3opoly)

Split the PAX into two teams, each competing against each other to see who could go around the game board more. At each “property square” around the board, the teams performed exercises before rolling the dice to move again.


After all that work, dedication, sweat, and grunting, the teams both got a score of 4, meaning we had a tie. Although it was a tie, one team completed the game without being incarcerated, while the other team was arrested multiple times.


Happy birthday to The Colonel, and welcome to the 50+ club!

The Grunt Veteran’s Day F3 convergence on Saturday, Nov 7th at 7am at the Lincoln Memorial. Note the time change with the end of Daylight Savings on Nov 1st.

Be on the lookout for community service opportunities. Bring any ideas to Infinity.


The F3 Founder, David “Dredd” Redding, defined a Jester as anything that inhibits personal improvement (e.g., addictions, habits, character flaws). Each of us has a Jester that we are fighting. Our Jester tells us several lies to keep his grip on us. One of the Jester’s lies: You are What You Do. Since that is not always virtuous, we may be tempted to think that the non-virtuous selves are who are are. But that is a LIE! You are what you choose to be today, not what you have chosen to be before. We are not what we do, but what we are intended to be. It is up to us to determine and fight for what we are intended to be.

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