AO: Horizon

QIC: Lazlo

The PAX: 3 Mile, Rebar, Disco, Magoo, Creedence, Slapshot, Styx, Mayberry, welcome FNG’s Kodak and Little Mac

It was the QIC’s first time leading at Horizon. Great AO, and great group of men, but being unfamiliar with a futbol field, the Q needed a little help with the terminology. It turns out that the outer lines of the big box where you kick the ball into the thingy and the one person can catch it with his hands, are called The Eighteens. So, accordingly, the PAX did eighteens today. We broke them up into eleven’s and seven’s since the QIC usually loses count around there.

WarmUp: SSH, Imperial Walkers, copperhead squats, cherry pickers, merkins, mountain climbers, downward dog

The Thang: PAX lined up along the goal line, across from a coupon waiting for the on the eighteen. Elevens were kettlebells at the eighteen and monkey humpers on the goal line. PAX had to bear crawl out and lunge walk back.

After this round we did a quick round of catch me if you can between the eighteens, versus 3 burpees.

Then a round of sevens. Curl presses and Mike Tysons. Broad jumping out to the eighteen and mosey back.

Finally two more rounds of catch me if you can versus 8 merkins, then 4 Big Boi sit-ups.

Mary: Captain Thors, toy soldiers

COT: the QIC was up late Sunday night watching his baseball team miss making the World Series by the narrowest of margins, and was pretty bummed out. But we talked about keeping perspective and the important things in life, and how hard but how important it is to know the difference.

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