Planks for the Memories – 9/30/20

AO: Horizon

QIC: Brown Bag

The PAX: 3 Mile, Lazlo, Grease Monkey, Sticks, Creedence (FNG), Coconuts, Rebar, Major Pain, Poe, Sunshine, Obadiah, Nano, Infinity, Mayberry

WARM UP: SSH; Don Quixote; Cherry Picker (Upper); Willie Mays Hayes, LB Arm Circles.

PAX split into two groups, one on the endline and the other at midfield, and did 8 sprints EMOM (group on endline sprinted to midfield and back and group at midfield sprinted to other endline and back).

PAX then collected coupons from the deep, dark North Arlington forest and performed the following 8 times, every two minutes on the two minute mark:

· 5x Alpos/5x Burpess (Alpos on odd numbered sets and Burpees on even numbered sets)

· 10x Merkins

· 15x Squats (air squats acceptable; coupon squats for the friskier among us)

· 20x LBCs

· 25x Seal Claps

MARY: PAX performed the following planks and plank variations in succession, 40 seconds on with 20 seconds of rest:

· Plank Reg-Yoo-Lar

· Forearm Plank

· Alternative Arm Raise (Forward)

· Alternating Arm Raise (Sideways)

· Forearm to Regular Plank

PAX then performed Flutter Kicks; Freddie Mercurys and American Hammers before time regrettably ran out .

Although this October will be different than years past, the constant presence of candy may not change. I was recently reminded in an otherwise forgettable self-help book that the bod and mind have different needs and so it’s important to ask ourselves when our mind tells us it needs a snack, second helping or dessert whether it’s something the body needs. 90% of the time it isn’t, and even if we don’t then listen to the body if we can do so half the time it can make a real difference.

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