9/23/2020 “I have not yet begun to fight!”

Weather: 54 degrees with light breeze

AO: Annapolis

Q: Counselor

PAX: Almanac, Agassi, Chew Toy, Countdown, Dorothy, and Dreadsquid.


Opened with 5 Core Principles of F3, significance of “I have not yet begun to fight”, mosey to the garage, up three flights of stairs to the roof. 30 A Skips, run in place 6 count, lunge, arm/leg stretch forward 3/3, run in place 6 count, hamstring stretch (6 count), imperial walkers (6) 3/3, run in place 6 count, mountain burpees (6/6).

The Thang:

After a mosey to the 2nd floor garage. The PAX began a cardio circuit training with no break until the end of each round. The circuit included three rounds of:

Sprint in place R1(60) R2(50) R3(40)

Mountain Climbers R1(30) R2(40) R3(50)

Straight Leg Sprint R1(50) R2(40) R3(30)

Gorilla Crawl R1(16) R2(20) R3(26)

Jimmy Jumps R1(50) R2(40) R3(30)

Water Bug R1(15) R(20) R3(25)

Frog Burpee R1(25) R2(20) R3(15)

Break: 22 Seconds after each round

Mosie back to the flagCoT:

Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, words of wisdom, announcements: upcoming 2nd F event on 9/24, and future 2nd/3rd F event on 10/24, discussion of 43 Feet Podcast: Ep.110, ending in group prayer.

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