IronPAX 3: Simple, Not Easy

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Lucius

PAX: Bone; Citrus; Cable Guy; Elvis; Fish Fry; Maguire; Major Payne; Refueler; Road Kill; Spokes; Wedding Singer

WARM UP: SSH; Michael Phelps; Downward Dog; Arm Circles (Fore and Aft); Mumble Chatter

THE THANG: The PAX tacked week 3 of the ironpax challenge, by completing the following for time: 400 M Run; 100 Merkins; 400 M Run; 90 Squats; 400 M Run; 80 Merkins; 400 M Run; 70 Squats; 400 M Run; 60 Merkins; 400 M Run; 50 Squats; 400 M Run; 40 Merkins; 400 M Run; 30 Squats; 400 M Run; 20 Merkins; 400 M Run; 10 Squats; 800 M Run.

Bonus points to Road Kill, who smoked all PAX who dared join him on the final 800.

COT: Nice job. Attack the day with the same vigor that you attacked today’s challenge.

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