A Ring of Fire & Rain: Olympus Back Blast for 8.13.20:

AO: Olympus
QIC: A very VQ by Ashe. Thank you to all for bearing with me and helping. I was nervous and hope you had some fun.

The PAX: Welcome to FNG Zeus in the Downpour! Accompanied by Nano; Hightower; Dunder; the dangerous duo Derecho & El Nino; Wham-O; Pop Fly; YNAB (I have no idea what this name means).

Warm Up: SSH; Downward Dog; Cobra Kai; Mountain Climbers.

The Thang:
Part 1: 5 times: 10 peter parkers, hill sprint, 10 groiners, down the stairs, rinse and repeat.

Part 2: Shoulder carry block or coupon of choice around the school with 5 stops to complete squats, peter parkers at break 1; lunges and incline merkins at break 2; front and reverse bear crawl at break 3; calf raises and arm claps at break 4; SSH and peter parkers at break 5; carry in the downpour and run to the overhang for a cool down by going around around 1/2 the circle with additional flutter kicks, LBCs, squats, bonnie blairs, etc.

Mary: Today I get a puppy I will both love and need to forgive as it chews and pees its way around my home. Anyone can love when things are easy and people are kind. But I can’t love my dog better than my family and need to forgive for love to be true. Forgiveness and love are connected. Thoughts and prayers to Roddick in De.; get ready for the 9.11 stair climb. Have a great Thurs. everyone.

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