Dad Bod WOD

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Lucius

THE PAX: Bambino; Bone; Brown Bag; Cable Guy; Choo Choo; Fish Fry; Maj. Payne; Slap Shot; Spokes; Sticks; Three Mile; Wedding Singer; Wild Thing


SSH; Windmills; LB Arm Circles; Downward Doge; Cherry Pickers; Prize Fighters (two jabs, followed by two hooks, in cadence)


Quarter Pounder: PAX divided the football field into quarters, then ate it up: run 25 yards; 25 Merkins; run backwards 25 yards; run 50 yards; 50 Body Weight Squats; run backwards 50 yards; run 75 yards; 75 Mountain Climbers; run backwards 75 yards; run100 yards; 100 Air Presses; run backwards 100 yards. Cheese added (via Burpees) while waiting to pick up the six.

12-Step Program: PAX carried coupons between 12 stations, performing 12 reps at each station.  Exercises included: CB Rows, CB Presses, Merkins; CB Curls Atlas shrugs, Merkins; Lion Kings (Squat Thrust), Pull Throughs; Lunges; Magellans; Dry Docks; Goblet Squats

The Gauntlet: Pairs of PAX Stood every 5-10 yards along field, facing each other to form a gauntlet.  One PAX Bear crawled to end of gauntlet.  Resting PAX performed a rest exercise until crawling PAX reached the end.  Repeat until all PAX complete a bear crawl. Rest exercises include: squats, air presses, squat jumps; overhead claps; Bonnie Blairs; plank; lunges; plank jacks


Dad Bod WOD: 100 x LBCs (for the beer belly); 20x Merkins (for the man boobs); 10x American Twists (IC) (for the love handles); 10x Burpees (for the whole man)


This Father’s Day, consider what it means to be a father, what it means to be a son, and how you can impact the parents and children with whom you interact.


One Reply to “Dad Bod WOD”

  1. Soggy Bottoms with Chocolate Sprinkles:

    AO: Olympus

    QIC: El Nino

    THE PAX: Hightower; Pop Fly; YNAB; Peloton; Derecho; Wham-O; Mule; Nano;

    SSH; WMH; Imperial Walkers; Arm Circles; Down-dog; Break-dancers; Cobra; 4-ct hand release merkins; PAX then jogged in circle, shuffled right, shuffled left, left foot over right, right foot over left.


    Circle of Pain: (1) Sumo-squat-high-jump-sprint-wave – All PAX held deep sumo-squats with hands fully extended overhead, first member executes high jump, then takes off sprinting around circle back to original spot. As soon as first member passes second member, second member high-jumps and take off sprinting. All PAX followed for three rounds. (2) ring-around-the-diamonds – PAX circled up with everyone executing high-knees in place, first member takes off sprinting around circle, second member drops and executes diamond push-ups until relieved by first member. Wash-rinse-repeat for one round.

    Last Sledge-Hammer Up: PAX ran single file around 400m track, with the last man carrying sledge-hammer. Last member sprinted up to the front with sledge then passed sledge behind him, through every member until it reached last member. Wash-rinse-repeat, for one full rotation of PAX.

    Tire-flip Timer: 9 PAX lined up on 9 stations – (1) Tire Flip 10 yards out and back(this was the timer); (2) Sledge-Hammer swings on tire; (3) Sand-bag carries out 10 yards and back; (4) sand-bag step-ups (on-bench) alternating feet; (5) Durkins (feet elevated on bench); (6) air-squats; (7) Dips on bench (8) Burpee shuttle sprints(2xburpees-10yds) (9) High plank. PAX completed 2 rounds
    6 Minutes of

    MARY: PAX enjoyed Rowboats; mountain climbers; WW I’s (with American hammers); flutter kicks; and Australian snow-angels.

    CIRCLE OF TRUST: Grateful for the resiliency of the men who showed up in the rain to meet the gloom. Closed with a prayer, asking for the courage to live righteously.


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