Leap for Leap Day

29 February, 2020

AO: Olympus

QIC: Nano

PAX: Hightower, Mule, Pop Fly, Tool Box, Ba Da Boom, YNAB, Fish Fry

Warm-Up: SSH, Arm Circles, Hillbillies, Downward Dog, Willy Mayes Haze, Good Mornings.

The Thang: The 8 PAX jogged up to the practice field with two cinderblocks and two medicine balls in tow, where the following stations were set up:

  1. Left leg leap, backward jog to start
  2. Right leg leap, backward jog to start
  3. Frog leaps, backward jog to start
  4. Walking Lunges, backward jog to start
  5. Seated cone touch (goalkeeper drill) down and back
  6. Bear crawl, crawl bear back
  7. Fifteen cinderblock dips
  8. Ten 25lb medicine ball slams
  9. Twenty cinderblock curls
  10. Alternate 10 murkins and 10 BBS when waiting

Active rest with 20 murkins and 20 BBS.

Rinse and repeat! Then on to the next event…

Hand Rail Leaps: Leap over the hand rail all the way up the hill to the practice field. 

Bear Crawl Tunnel: The PAX form a ceiling suspended over the side walk, one PAX at a time bear crawls through then joins the end of tunnel.  

Back to the field for a round of the “nanoshuffle” with the 4 coupons.  

MARY: Each PAX lead their favorite core exercise. 

COT: We get an extra day this year, get out and do something useful with it.

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