The Andes Anyone?

Ten PAX ran/rucked east along the W&OD trail this morning. Runners logged 5.5-6.5 miles, and I’m not sure how far the Rucker’s rucked.

We often see a few deer along the trail but never the dozen or so together we saw today. They gave us that “We’ve seen your kind before” disinterested look.

Never at a loss for ideas large and small, at coffeeteria Bone proposed a CSAUP to the Andes (that’s right, the mountains in S America). Maj. Payne, “Bone, we can barely get anyone to a local CSAUP.” Bone, “Go big or go home.”

Announcements: Super Bowl party + BRR planning session moved to home of Fish Fry (check #CSAUP Or #2ndF channel for details). QSource + 2nd F this Thursday at Meridian Pint (watch for details). Sign up to Q workouts.

Thoughts & prayers: Maj. Payne’s riding coach at 100th birthday party; Monk’s stepfather recovering from broken hip.

COT: Adopting new practices of self-discipline (cold shower, no between meal snacks, limit social media to essentials only) can reveal your weaknesses. Try it, work on them and accelerate spiritual fitness.

Great to be with 9 fine PAX this morning.


PAX: Maj. Payne, JAG, Bone, Sunshine, Brown Bag, Lazlo, Elvis, Short Sale, 2 per cent.

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