F3 Beatdown by Committee

Six PAX weathered the cold for an F3 beat down led by Hightowner and Nano.

AO: F3TheCapital – #Delphi

QIC: Hightower / Nano

PAX: Dunder, Mulligan, Highlander, and FNG – Peloton.

Warm Up: SSH 50x, Good Mornings 10x, Arm Circles, Downward Dogs, Willy Mayes Hazes.

The Thang:
1. Hightower lead the PAX for a mosey around Delphi to get the blood flowing.

2. Nano took over for two rounds of “corners,” where each PAX took a spot around the tennis court. The PAX then did 5 merkins and 10 Bonnie Blairs (the hard way) before running to the next spot. This continued for 2 minutes. For round 2 the merkins and Bonnie Blairs were replaced with reverse burpees.

3. Wall Sits: The PAX passed the 25 lb ball back and forth down the line 6 times. Rinse and repeat 1x.

4. Short Circuit: 5 Stations including: 2x ball toss, oblique ball slammers, air squats, seal claps, and bear crawl down and back as timer.

5. -6:03 am, plenty of time for some suicides! The PAX ran suicides on the outer lines of the three Delphi tennis courts. That’s 10 sprints per suicide. Rinse and repeat 1x.

Each PAX led a core exercise including superman, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, American hammer twists, Peter Parkers, and 4-count high plank/low-plank.

Life is short, and tragedy can and often does strike at anytime. Therefore, live in the moment and try to be a beacon of joy and happiness for the people around you.

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