The Oak Grove Olympics

AO: The General

QIC: Traveler

PAX: Jenner, Major Payne, Prenup, Horsepunch, Toolbox, Sub Prime

The PAX voyaged to nearby Oak Grove Park where they made unconventional use of park infrastructure for the beatdown.

Warmup: SSH, arm circles, imperial walkers. Moseyed to Oak Grove Park, with a brief pit stop for Merkins.

The Thang:

One at time, the PAX did 5 flights of stair repeats while everyone else AMRAPed an exercise that the stair-climbing PAX prescribed. We quickly realized that the incentives were misaligned for the stair-climbing PAX to climb slowly while everyone else grinded through the exercise they suggested. Exercises included Burpees, Freddie Mercuries, Bonnie Blairs, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, and Bear Crawl (in a circle).

Inspired by a Jenner playground circuit at a different park in the AO, YHC devised a circuit in the Oak Grove Park playground. The loop included: 10 Dips on the slide, Bear Crawl along the ledge of the playground, 10 box [picnic bench] jumps, Bear Crawl along the other ledge, and 4 pullups on a rope hanging between two slides. The PAX did as many rounds as possible in a 5 minute window. Surprisingly, no injuries were sustained while completing this course in the gloom.

PAX moseyed to an entrance ramp to the park which had a dual-railing – a top rail for Australian Merkins and a bottom rail to hold the feet for sit-ups. While one PAX did a set of 20 Bonnie Blairs, the rest AMRAPed on Australian Merkins. Then while the next PAX completed Bonnie Blairs, the rest AMRAPed on sit-ups. PAX kept rotating between Australian Merkins and sit-ups until everyone completed their set of Bonnie Blairs.

We finished our time in Oak Grove Park with a homemade Pentathlon. The PAX made their way around the track on the perimeter of the park, completing a different workout at each of the 5 signposts around the track. The exercises were: 10 Burpees, 15 Merkins, 20 Jump Squats, 25 Toe Touches, and Walking Lunge / Frog Jump combination to the finish line.

Moseyed back to the field at The General.


What’s better than 7 Minute Abs? 1 Minute Abs! With time running out, YHQ led the PAX in one minute of Gas Pedals in cadence.


YHC was celebrating the newfound freedom of owning his first car, but recalled the wise words of the legendary Navy SEAL-turned-leadership-guru, Jocko Willink, and his motto – “Discipline Equals Freedom.” Freedom doesn’t mean doing whatever you want at any time. It means becoming whoever you want to be. This is accomplished not through spontaneity, but through the discipline to set goals and execute on them.


A new schedule is posted on The General slack channel! First up: Toolbox!


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