Tour de Highlands

AO: The Highlands

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Trolley, JAG, Toolbox, Antman, FNG Sputnik, FNG Hubble, Deflator, Posse, Cueball, MileHigh and Lightyear

A dozen PAX gathered for a special beatdown at The Highlands. It was a convergence of DRPAX, with one coming from Charlotte (Posse) and six inbound from Montgomery, AL, where they are building out their mustard seed. Incidentally, Lightyear celebrated his BDay at the Highlands, although he didn’t say anything about it.  Want to know how YHC learned of this?  Listen here where his hospital brother Hello Kitty mentions it and then proceeds to provide a pretty darn great podcast featuring father/son F3 PAX Liverpool and Spitshine who discuss the recent GrowRuck 17 (Quicksand) in the Sandhills area of N.C.If you haven’t done a GrowRuck – schedule it now and do it. It’ll change you — for the much better.

Now, the following is a mostly true account of the Nov 21 Tour de Highlands adventure.

WU: Follow me! Mosey on towards an adventure like no other. First stop – corner of Hayes and 15th. Knock out some SSH. Cross the street and flow into a few IW.  Keep on moving south on Hayes to the TSA HQ for 20 x suitcase situps (get it?). Then a short jaunt to the DEA HQ for 20 x Derkins, 20 x Erkins and 20 x Air Presses (see what we did there?). Continue forward to Army Navy Dr. and Fern St. where the PAX conducted upwards of 50 x BWS as all waited for the light to turn so we could mosey on under I-395 and to the Pentagon parking lot.  Traveling on the sidewalk of South Parking toward the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial, the PAX completed 20 x Merkins, 20 x Flutter Kicks and 20 x Jump Squats. The Memorial is closed for renovation, so no tour through the hallowed ground.  Only stopped momentarily to pay respects and then moseyed onward to the pedestrian tunnel. WU was almost complete, but first, the PAX were required to Ricky Bobby the length of the tunnel under I-395 via Bear Crawl (last man runs to front as PAX bear crawl). Admittedly, it was a lengthy distance — football field-ish length.  All likely have gone further, but this distance definitely left a small mark.  Once back onto Army Navy Dr, take a louie to head south on Joyce St. Bank right at Pentagon Row Park and don’t stop until the hill.

The Thang: Jacobs Ladder. Start at the top of the hill with 1 x pull-up, run down the hill for 6 x Merkins, back up for 2 x pull-ups and down for 5 x Merkins.  And so on until 6 x pull-ups and 1 x Merkin.

Time flies when PAX have fun, and a roundabout mosey brought all back to Virginia Highlands Park where there was time to swing through some monkey bars on the playground, knock out 20 x Merkins and then move to center of the turf field for 50 x LBCs and finish.

COT: It’s always an honor to lead the PAX.  We in F3TheCapital often say we specialize in DRPAX and this day in the gloom was no exception with 7 in our midst. There’s a great feeling associated with welcoming in fellow brothers from around the nation. We draw energy from each other, and our task is to take that positive energy and sprinkle it across our day, wherever we may travel and whomever we may meet.  Be a positive force for others. Be the best husband, brother, father, son, friend, neighbor, work colleague, boss, crazy uncle — whatever your role in life.  Be the best you possibly can!  Aye!

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 13.18.40


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