Sandbag Shuffle

AO: The General

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX:
2 Percent

Sometimes life is easy, and we can skip along through the day without any extra burdens slowing us down. Sometimes though, it feels like we’re weighted down, and life is a struggle. Today in the gloom, the PAX struggled together, carrying a sandbag through the beatdown. And by sharing the burden together, the load was lessened, and the burden didn’t seem so bad. In fact, it was kinda awesome.

Here’s what we did…

20 x SSH
10 x IW
10 x WMH
10 x Cherry Pickers
10 x BWS
25 x Merkins

The Thang:

Mosey aimlessly on the turf field to a point of no particular importance for a ….

Sandbag drag: PAX form a plank circle. Drag sandbag to right x 3, then to left x 3. This was a bit more discombobulated than expected, working muscles in angles they don’t usually contract.

Pick up bag, and move to Quincy Park baseball field…

It’s escalator time:

10 x Merkins at home base, run to the 1st corner and add 10 x jump squats, run and add 10 x diamond Merkins at the 2nd, run and add 10 x Bonnie Blairs at the 3rd, run and add 10 x wide Merkins at 4th. Finish the loop adding 10 x burpees.

Move to tennis courts…

Animal Crawlers:
1st Gorilla Crawl width of one tennis court, 5 x Merkins, Crawl Gorilla back
2nd Bunny Hop width of two tennis courts, 10 x Merkins, Hop Bunny back
3rd Bear Crawl width of three tennis courts, 15 x Merkins, Crawl Bear back

Pick up sandbag and mosey to the playground for a quick round of…

Pull-ups: 10 x pull-ups for each PAX. Rest in plank for those not conducting exercise.

Mosey together back to W&L turf football field. Time for a quick Mary!

Mary: 25 x flutter kick

COT: Had a brief discussion about faith and what it means in F3.  It’s not necessarily about what each PAX specifically believes.  In other words, we all come from different religious faiths, backgrounds and philosophies, and that’s what makes the collective PAX so strong.  In F3, it’s about believing in something larger than yourself.  The PAX gather in the gloom to be there for each other. All express their faith in different ways, and that’s great. Today, we shared the burden of a sandbag together, and it made the beatdown awesome. Whenever we share the weight of daily burdens with those around us, we contribute to making life better, and that’s what we should always strive to do as leaders!


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