The Right to Bare Arms

AO:  Patriot

Q:  Fish Fry

Pax:  14 Pax strong conquered the fart sack and strengthened their bodies in the gloom:  Fish Fry, Maj. Payne, Sunshine, FNG Elvis, Bone, 3 mile, Lucius, Jenner, Apollo, and a few others.

Warm o Rama:  SSH, seal jacks, little bitty arm circles, the best shot at Matt Biondi’s (if somone has a video of this done properly, I would like to see it.  YHC couldn’t figure it out from the Q lexicon), and a mosey around the track.  As part of the mosey, we stopped along the wall to work on should mobility with wall sliders.  Much groaning was heard, but we made it and proceeded to finish the mosey around the track.

The Thang:  Since the convergence on Wednesday would likely tax even the strongest pax’s legs, YHC had mercy on them and decided to focus on arms for the day.  Lining up on the goal line, pax did the following exercises for 10 yards each together:

Inch Worms
Peter Parkers
Crab Walk
Lateral Pushups
Bear Crawl to middle

Once the group reached the 50, we survived a Ring of Fire with the lower being in sally position low, and upper being in downward dog.   Upon completing the downward dog, we commenced the rest of the way down the field to the opposite goal line with

Crawl bear back to 40
Lateral pushups other way
Crab Walk other way
Parker Peters
Reverse Inch Worms

From there, we did a Zombie Crawl across field, taking a break mid way to avoid field rash on bodies, and then lunge walked the rest of the way.

Moving back over to the stadium, we did BTW shoulder taps in cadence.  Having read of recovery exercises, YHC thought it would be good to do the stadium steps to help tired legs from training for the convergence.  At the end of the steps, we did dips in cadence.

Back on the field, we did trade offs of wheelbarrows back to the beginning.

Mary:  Box Cutters, Freddie Mercuries, Flutter Kicks

COT:  A cord of three strands is not easily broken (Ecc 4:12),  and How can one keep warm alone (Ecc 4:11).  We are stronger working together and we prayed to be stronger as brothers, fathers, and workers together.

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