New Coupons!

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Laforge, Bone, Three Mile, Sunshine, Apollo, Lazlo, Fish Fry, 2 Percent, Jenner, Sourdough

11 PAX posted in the Monday gloom for a grinder beatdown with new coupons present. YHC received a sandbag for year number 49 on the planet, and the PAX put it to work.

WU: SSH, IW, Good Mornings, WMH, BWS, Merkins

Fellowship jog to pick up a few cinderblock coupons for the circuit.

The Thang: Simple concept today — perform the designated exercise, with the bucket carry serving as the timer. Rotate once the bucket carrier finishes and passes behind the PAX as he runs to station 1 sandbag throw.  After all rotate through each station, PAX take off for the basketball court and touch the school wall. First man there touches wall, and all PAX turn around, wherever they are, once he gets there.  Good to see PAX racing to be first! Then repeat through all stations and run again.

  1. Sandbag throw
  2. Jump rope Ruck get up
  3. KB swing
  4. Cinderblock curl
  5. Merkin/burpee
  6. KB flutter kick
  7. Cinderblock thruster
  8. Cinderblock squat
  9. Cinderblock press
  10. Medicine ball vert throw
  11. Bucket carry

Quick round of Mary.

COT: As always, an honor to lead the PAX. Today, you were a victim of YHC receiving a new birthday coupon and it was a fun beatdown.  Always look for fun in everything you do — go out and make the world better. Aye!

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