AO: The Highlands

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Jag, Toolbox, Trolley

Four warriors showed out for a good ol’ fashioned hot humid beatdown at The Highlands.  Most of what follows is the truth…

Warm Up
30 x SSH
Jump Squats x10
Plank 20 sec
Jump Squats x10
Mtn. Climbers x10 IC
Jump Squats x10
Plank Jacks x10 IC
Jump Squats x10
Ski Abs x10 IC
Jump Squats x10

The Thang:

Bear Crawl – Medicine Ball Pass Along
Line up across midfield of the soccer field close together. starting on 1 end, pax bear crawls together, rolling a 20lb medicine ball to the man beside him. Travel together rolling the ball down the line to the endline.
Crawl Bear – Ball Pass Along
Return to midfield same as above but with crawl bear

Lunge Walk Medicine Ball Pass Along
same as above but with lunge walk
Backwards Lunge Walk Ball Pass along-
Same thing but with Backwards Lunge

YHC has a bucket of tennis balls with Exercises and reps written on them. Pax make large circle around the bucket, plank ring-o-fire style. 1 PAX bear Crawl to bucket pick a ball, crawl bear back and PAX does the exercise. We repeated around the circle x 3.

Medicine Ball Smash
PAX plank. 1 PAX does ball slams catching it off the bounce. PAX must catch the ball off the bounce 5 times consecutively to pass the ball to the next man.
Repeato with requirement to catch ball 7 times.
Due to popular demand as per Toolbox, catch ball 10 times (instead of a lap around the pitch to finish).


Around the horn with abs, finishing with a ring of fire!


One of the F3 principles is that workouts are conducted outside. Today was hot and humid, and we were blessed to experience it. Many don’t set a foot outside and they miss much of what our creator gave us — this amazing planet and all that it provides for us.  Sometimes it’s hard to brave the elements, but whenever we do, and we always do in F3, we feel like we’ve accomplished something good. Let that sink in. Feel good about it and go out in this world and make it better every single day!



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