Black Jack & Dominoes

AO:  The Patriot

QIC: Lucius

THE PAX: Apollo; Jag; Jenner; Lazlo; Maj. Payne; Noodle; Poe; Sunshine; Vegan

WARM UP: SSH; LBACs, Downward dog; Merkins; fellowship lap


After retrieving cinderblocks and taking them for a short mosey, the PAX engaged in a fun morning of black jack and exercise.

The PAX took turns drawing cards to determine number of exercise reps.  If the PAX’s cards added up to less than 21, they did that number of reps, then a short run, followed by burpees to make up the difference to 21.

If the PAX’s cards exceeded 21, they did all 21 reps, a short bear crawl or Everest climb, then burpees to make the difference between 21 and the total drawn.

Exercises included:

  • Derkins;
  • CB Curls;
  • Step-Ups;
  • Dips;
  • CB lion kings (squat-press); and
  • 4x4s (only 15 completed — modify as necessary);
  • Derkins;
  • CB Curls; and
  • CB lion kings (squat-press).

THE MARY:  31 flutter kicks

COT:  Some say that fitness is the “first domino to fall,” meaning that if one drops his fitness routine and commitment to his health, other aspects of his life will similarly slide.  Thanks to the PAX for encouraging each other not to let this domino fall.


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