Summer Sledding

Olympus Sat June 8

QIC: Hightower

PAX: HT, MajPayne, Rogue, PopFly, MisFire, NAFTA, BadaBoom, Nano, SnappyLunch, Mule, DR PAX GeekSquad F3 Chatt, FNG Blackbox (2.0’s) Vault, PB, Banner, Apollo

30 SSH’s, Good Morning & Hill Billy stretches, into downward dog calf & inverted hip stretch. Followed by fellowship jog around school, with intervals of karaoke, long jumps and egg shells.

The Thang:
Introduce Sled Games
3 Min Partner AMRAP’s:
Station 1: Uphill Sled push w partner plank, walk to bottom of hill & switch positions
Station 2: Partner 1 Overhead Seal claps & Partner 2 Mericans, switch as needed
Station 3: Partner bear crawl & pull pallet sled with cinder block
Station 4: Partner oblique twists with cinder block
Station 5: Partner climb shipping container
Station 6: Partner 1 Lateral sled pull 45#, rest, then Partner 2 pull sled. Rinse & repeat
Station 7: Partner 1 5 slap battle rope, then sled pull w block, then partner 2 rinse & repeat
Station 8: Partner 1 air squat with 30# Ruck, Partner 2 burpees, switch, then rinse & repeat

Quick round every other PAX lead core exercises.

Best wishes to SnappyLunch as he sets off to next posting in Colorado Springs!
Next Sat, June 15 AO at Teddy Rosevelt Island for 1 year Convergence
F3 regional Capital shirts should be here for Convergence

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