Bearmuda Burgers

AO:  The General

QIC: Lucius

THE PAX: FNG Flood Plain; FNG Ringworm; Jag; Jenner; Maj. Payne; Sam Adams; Traveler; Trolley

9 PAX, including two intrepid FNGs, joined at The General for a celebration of quarter-pounders, bear crawls, and sandbags.  Here’s what happened:


SSH; LB arm circles; free solo (vertical mountain climbers); cherry pickers; punching at shadows (two jabs, followed by two hooks, in cadence)


1 x Quarter Pounder: The PAX divided the football field into quarters, then ate it up:

– 25-yard sprint; 25 Merkins; run backwards 25 yards
– 50-yard sprint; 50 BWSs; run backwards 50 yards
– 75-yard sprint; 75 Mountain Climbers; run backwards 75 yards
– 100-yard sprint; 100 Flutter Kicks/LBCs; run backwards 100 yards

3 x Bearmuda Triangle:

The PAX bear-crawled around a 100-meter triangle, pausing briefly for rest exercises at each corner:  Merkins; BWSs; cinder-block press/cinder-block curls.  Circuit repeated 3x for 300 meters of bearcrawl.  Aye!

2 x Ring of Sandbag:

Between trips around the triangle, the PAX circled up, and passed a 60-lb sandbag from PAX to PAX.  After handing off the bag, each PAX performed a burpee, then recovered to receive the bag again.  Wonderful!

1 x 60 lb Bleachers and Beaches:

PAX Line up on bleachers, one man on every step, with the first PAX holding a 60-lb sandbag.  First PAX hands the bag to the second PAX in line, then heads down the bleachers to join the end of the line, Ricky Bobby style.  Fantastic!


Freddie Mercuries, American twists, and windshield wipers.


YHC recently spent some time in the mountain ranges surrounding the Shenandoah valley, and came away with a renewed appreciation of the beauty they hold.  As the Psalmist said, “this is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Rejoice in the opportunity to post in the Gloom, see the sun rise, and count your blessings (and your reps) with the PAX!

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