Loaded Pyramid

AO: The Patriot

QICs: Fish Fry, Co-Q Lucius, and Assistant to the Q Schrute (aka Jenner)

The Pax: Fish Fry, Lucius, Jenner, Maj. Payne, Lazlo, and DR Pax from Louisville Viking and from Cary Pivot

Warm up:
Seal jacks
Squat jacks
Front lunge overhead raise
Homer to Marge

The Thang:

Mosey to pick up coupons
Wall sliders mobility exercise
Shoulder press in chair position
Curls in chair position

The group did two loaded pyramids of 10 reps per exercise. A loaded pyramid is 1, 1-2, 1-2-3, etc. or 150 reps total each group. If someone finishes early, then they drop back down to the place where the slowest person is and work back up the reps from there. That way, the group ended at the same time and the faster folks just got more reps in.

Group 1

Build a Burpee Merkin
Hindu Merkin or Dive Bomber
Pop Jack
No arm Merkins
Full Burpee

Spiderman crawl to station 2

Group 2

No Leg Left to Stand On
Squat thrusters
Low squat over brick and hop back up on the brick (like low squat to bench)
Reverse lunge hop from brick (step down to reverse lunge and hop up landing on 1 leg, and go back to reverse lunge). 10X
Front lunge with tricep extension on drop
Split squat with one toe on bench (with brick for fun)

Planned a Duck walk to station 1, but alas, time (and potentially lack of properly functioning legs at this point) prohibited it, so we stumbled back.


2 Down 1 Up,
Alphabet leg lifts

COT: Plans fail for lack of advisers. The Pax didn’t see it this week, but advisers helped tremendously in this setup. Jenner did it a lot of brainstorming to work out the flow. When Lucius stepped in as backup for Jenner, he gave some good advice on making the workout more achievable. In the end, we didn’t need a Co-Q to split up the group, but having a team made the workout better. Finally, a cord of three strands is not easily broken. It was a beat down workout, but helping each other to finish made us stronger.

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